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Tell Your Story By Telling Stories I really enjoyed this section of the 5 steps for social media successes by Jeff Bullas about telling your story by telling stories: Stories resonate and help us relate to others. We remember vivid details...

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Are you giving reporters what they want? Ragan Comunications had an interesting post highlighting a recent survey providing some numbers to back up the feeling that reporters want more than just a press release when being pitched a story by your...

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Using Images in Email Marketing Images have the power to tell a story that words cannot begin to convey. ClickZ has begun a series examining consumer email behavior and in this installment, they look at utilizing images in your email...

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Becoming Trusted and Credible Through Blogging In 2005, I helped found BlueJersey.com, a progressive political blog covering New Jersey politics. Frankly, my family supported me but didn't really understand what I was doing or why I was blogging.  They...

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Taking Social Media From Talk To Action The Harvard Business Review is out with a report called "The New Conversation: Taking Social Media From Talk To Action" that is worth a read talking about the growth of social media usage among companies: The...

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Facebook goes over 500 million users

Category : Facebook

Social Media Dudes points us to a story at Mashable about Facebook path to 500 million users and the growth is pretty stunning:

Facebook reached 400 million users five months ago. This time last year, it had just reached 200 million, and eight months before that it was at just 100 million. The site launched in February of 2004, and has since become the most popular social site on the web.

There is a very large audience on Facebook and the platform gives you the the ability to target users by their likes, interests, groups and more. It’s an extremely powerful tool in the social media arsenal that has become a staple

LinkedIn lets you network in the 21st Century

Category : LinkedIn

Gilbert Direct Marketing posted this very well done presentation on slideshare looking at how LinkedIn lets you network in the 21st century:

In the presentation, they classify users of LinkedIn as casual users or power users and identify ways to help make yourself a power user of the platform. Businesses are increasingly utilizing Linked in to explore career opportunities, find groups and individuals of similar interests, or just expand their network in general. LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool if you decide to use it and this presentation helps you to use it well should you choose. They close with this summary slide:

That last point is really the most important if you want to realize social media success. One piece of the puzzle will not create the full picture.

Buy in for your social media efforts is essential to realizing success

Category : Social Media

The best ideas in social media usage for businesses have little hope of being successful if there isn’t buy in from the leaders of that organization. Over at JeffBullas.com, he takes a look at the CEO and Social Media. There are numerous ways a CEO and their organization can benefit from social media, but that can only happen if they get behind the efforts:

The reality is that the CEO has to be behind any project for it to be provided the resources and commitment for it to ultimately succeed.

For your social media marketing to be successful the first and most important step is the support and backing by the CEO.

Though social media has the potential to be an extremely powerful set of tools for businesses, getting buy in to those efforts is essential to realizing the success they are seeking. Simply put, at a business you can’t do it alone. Social media requires experimentation and the occasional failure, not in terms of a disaster, but in learning how you can achieve better results next time.

Just how big is Social Media?

Category : Social Media

Check out this great video, which by now is out of date with the speed that social media is growing, on just how big it really is:

The bottom line is that if you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on an enormous audience which continues growing by the minute.

Don’t make these Social Media Mistakes

Category : Social Media

Elton Digital has a story looking at social media mistakes to try and avoid and I think this point recognizing the need for a dialogue with your followers and friends is essential:

One-Sided Conversations

At the heart of social media is the ability for ‘connected’ users to engage in 2-sided conversations. In fact, this is the primary draw of social networking websites: they allow you to share information, ideas, pictures, etc, with people whom you may not physically see or speak to in person very often (or, not at all), and reciprocally, enable them to provide feedback on your interests, while sharing those of their own.

Brands should be involved in social networks in a similar manner; while it’s fine for them to share their own information, if they are not reciprocating with their fan base, it’s a good chance that those fans won’t stick around for very long. While it’s not expected that brands answer every message they receive or directly comment on every one of their fans’ pages, it will go a long way for the success of your social media platform to occasionally, at least, ensure that you are showing that you are indeed engaged with your audience.

I also agree with their assessment at the end of the story:

I personally think every brand, both large and small, should have a presence within social media; as long as it is done in the correct manner, and not mistaken for ‘just another advertising opportunity’. While marketing is of course the objective, advertisers need to keep in mind that social networks are an entirely different space than other forms of mass communication, & need to be treated as such.

Often times, advertisers, businesses, campaigns and organizations find this new shiny social media tool and want to spam the people following them hoping to get a quick return. The true value of social media is realized by cultivating your audience and engaging to create a positive reputation for your brand. The long term benefits have the potential to far exceed the short term gain, but patience is required.

Twitter is the fastest growing search engine

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Twitter isn’t just your friends hobby to let people know what they are eating for dinner any more. It is fast becoming a real time resource for information and that’s seen in the fact that it is the worlds fastest growing search engine:

Twitter now reaches some 800 million search queries per day. That’s over 24 billion searches per month, more than Bing (4.1 billion) and Yahoo (9.4 billion) combined.

While Stone’s company is still a long way off from Google, which supports around 88 billion search queries per month, Twitter is quickly catching up. Since last April, Twitter searches are up 33%. To put that in perspective, a study by Nielsen last year concluded that Bing was the fastest-growing search engine in the U.S. after it ballooned over 22%. Now it seems Twitter has taken the title.

That’s some impressive growth. I use twitter as a research tool and find the search capabilities extremely effective. Google has even tried to get in on things by launching their own twitter archive service:

The new Twitter archive search allows users to enter any keyword or phrase and see what was being said on Twitter about it over time or on a particular day (and even a particular hour or minute during that day). For example you could search on “Obama health care reform” or “Iran Election” or “Lindsey Vonn” and so on. Results are displayed like traditional Google.com search results together with a timeline that shows peaks and valleys of activity on Twitter.

As more people realize the potential the twitter search holds, we should see continued growth.

52 Facts about social media including 77% of internet users read blogs and a new member joins Linkedin every second

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We repeatedly make the point here at Medium messaging about the potential reach of the internet and social media. Danny brown shares with us 52 facts about Social Media to help reinforce the point:

So, here are ten facts about the five most well-known social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogging – with two more bonus facts thrown in just for fun. (And to get to the figure of a fact a week for a year).

Some of the statistics are eye opening. If you’re not blogging, you are missing out on and opportunity to be seen by 3/4 of the audience on the internet:

77% of Internet users read blogs.

We’ve talked about the audience of you tube and while 2 billion viewers per day is nothing to overlook, check out this comparison for some context:

YouTube uses the same amount of bandwidth as the entire Internet used in 2000.

Linkedin’s audience continues to grow as now there are 70 million users worldwide and they receive 12 million unique visitors per day:

A new member joins LinkedIn every second

While much of the attention focuses on the growth of twitter in terms of numbers, which is certainly impressive, the amount of people using twitter as a search tool holds even more potential:

There are more than 600 million searches on Twitter every day.

These numbers will only continue to grow as social media saturates society itself. If you’re not getting in on it yet, you will be eventually.  Years ago, you made sure that your business or personal brand was listed in the Yellow pages, because that’s where people went for their information when they needed help. In coming years, it will be what’s your blog, website and social media accounts.