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Tell Your Story By Telling Stories I really enjoyed this section of the 5 steps for social media successes by Jeff Bullas about telling your story by telling stories: Stories resonate and help us relate to others. We remember vivid details...

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Are you giving reporters what they want? Ragan Comunications had an interesting post highlighting a recent survey providing some numbers to back up the feeling that reporters want more than just a press release when being pitched a story by your...

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Using Images in Email Marketing Images have the power to tell a story that words cannot begin to convey. ClickZ has begun a series examining consumer email behavior and in this installment, they look at utilizing images in your email...

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Becoming Trusted and Credible Through Blogging In 2005, I helped found BlueJersey.com, a progressive political blog covering New Jersey politics. Frankly, my family supported me but didn't really understand what I was doing or why I was blogging.  They...

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Taking Social Media From Talk To Action The Harvard Business Review is out with a report called "The New Conversation: Taking Social Media From Talk To Action" that is worth a read talking about the growth of social media usage among companies: The...

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JRS Strategies Consulting

JRS Strategies, LLC works with our clients to find the right voice and message for every opportunity, and share it through press releases, op-eds, social media, and direct contact with traditional media sources. With the numerous avenues for voters to get information, a strong new and earned media presence is essential for shaping and sharing a message. Sending out a press release or deciding to start a blog is not enough. News reporters need a hook and a personal contact they already know.

Even though they are free to join and great for personal use, social networking sites and other social media tools require careful planning to truly leverage their value for campaigns. JRS Strategies helps clients navigate the new media landscape, establish and refine an online brand, and engage with voters, reporters, and decision-makers to spread their message in the most cost-efficient ways possible. JRS Strategies can drive the news cycle and leverage new media tools to break through the clutter and tell a narrative. JRS is available for on-going consulting and one-time needs as well.

Communications & Messaging Consulting

  • Work with consultants to push campaign/business message into earned media outlets
  • Assist in drafting and sending of press releases and editorial content to newspaper, TV, and online sources
  • Track media advisories, assist in earned media planning and implementation
  • Develop and manage press conferences or other events that generated earned media
  • Help create sample letters for writing campaign when needed
  • Assist with Debate Prep and research if needed

New Media Consulting & Training

  • Manage messaging on digital platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Create regular updates to keep supporters/customers informed of activities, messaging, event
  • Craft blog posts for distribution by campaign/organization
  • Assist with design/placement of web-ads
  • Utilize new media to drive grassroots campaigns and outreach
  • Create and manage website content as needed
  • Provide training on creation and use of new media platforms

Web Design

  • Develop overall web strategy for your marketing efforts
  • Design and launch branded website for your campaign, business or organization.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Integration and Branded Communications
  • Social Media integration across your virtual platforms

General Political Consulting

  • Political Strategy
    • Develop campaign plan fundraising, media, field strategy
  • Fundraising efforts including:
    • Development of a basic plan tailored to your race
    • Event Coordination – large & small
    • Finance Committee Development
    • Major donor development – cultivation and organization
    • Individual donor solicitation – call time structure, meetings
    • Mail program – pledge follow up, re-solicitation
    • Database management – tracking contributions, donor information
    • Call room set up/reorganization – effective environment, talking points, follow up
    • Incorporate existing program into overall plan
    • Training – staff and candidate
  • Field Organizing including:
    • Development of Field Plan suited to your specific needs
    • Event coordination
    • Volunteer Training
    • Citizens Committee development
    • Develop voter targeting
    • Canvass plan – win number, training tools, organizational support
    • GOTV plan – resource deployment, volunteer support

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