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Tell Your Story By Telling Stories I really enjoyed this section of the 5 steps for social media successes by Jeff Bullas about telling your story by telling stories: Stories resonate and help us relate to others. We remember vivid details...

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Are you giving reporters what they want? Ragan Comunications had an interesting post highlighting a recent survey providing some numbers to back up the feeling that reporters want more than just a press release when being pitched a story by your...

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Using Images in Email Marketing Images have the power to tell a story that words cannot begin to convey. ClickZ has begun a series examining consumer email behavior and in this installment, they look at utilizing images in your email...

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Becoming Trusted and Credible Through Blogging In 2005, I helped found BlueJersey.com, a progressive political blog covering New Jersey politics. Frankly, my family supported me but didn't really understand what I was doing or why I was blogging.  They...

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Taking Social Media From Talk To Action The Harvard Business Review is out with a report called "The New Conversation: Taking Social Media From Talk To Action" that is worth a read talking about the growth of social media usage among companies: The...

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About JRS

Founded in 2005 by Jason Springer, JRS Strategies has assisted non-profits, business, legal, political and governmental clients at all levels develop a message, organize their efforts and communicate that message across the various mediums to reach the desired audience. With experience spanning Democratic campaigns and issue organizations at all levels, Jason Springer (owner and President of JRS Strategies, LLC), has very quickly amassed one of the largest Rolodex and most impressive resumes in NJ politics.

Jason is a hybrid, combining the knowledge of traditional media and marketing methods with new media and technology to develop an integrated approach covering all potential mediums. Early in his career, Jason managed campaigns for State Representative and Congress in Iowa, along with organizing on Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign in the Iowa caucuses. He later landed in New Jersey and worked on and consulted for local, county, state and federal campaigns throughout New Jersey before becoming press Secretary for State Senator Fred Madden, Assemblyman Paul Moriarty and Assemblyman Dave Mayer in New Jersey’s 4th Legislative District.

For that work, Jason was tapped to become Communications Director for the NJ Democratic State Committee under Chairman Wisniewski. There he was responsible for daily press monitoring and briefings, drafting press releases and statements, organizing press events, maintaining media relationships, and managing all new media communications originating from the chairman or the party (websites, Tweets, blogs). This gave him an unique perspective and insight into New Jersey political issues as well as unparalleled personal relationships with traditional media sources throughout the state.

Jason has helped redefine new media communications for Democrats in New Jersey. He was a founding member of the NJ Progressive Political blog BlueJersey.com, serving as the technical director and co-host of the Blue Jersey Radio Show.

He has been a frequent guest speaker on incorporating new media with traditional communications methods to implement a complete strategy for all potential audiences. Jason has lead trainings on new media and communications for the New Leaders Council, County Party organizations and campaigns around New Jersey.

In the public sphere, Jason has been a guest commentator on 1210am out of Philadelphia and NJN Radio.  He was recently named by the Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza as one of the best NJ political tweeters.

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