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Tell Your Story By Telling Stories I really enjoyed this section of the 5 steps for social media successes by Jeff Bullas about telling your story by telling stories: Stories resonate and help us relate to others. We remember vivid details...

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Are you giving reporters what they want? Ragan Comunications had an interesting post highlighting a recent survey providing some numbers to back up the feeling that reporters want more than just a press release when being pitched a story by your...

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Using Images in Email Marketing Images have the power to tell a story that words cannot begin to convey. ClickZ has begun a series examining consumer email behavior and in this installment, they look at utilizing images in your email...

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Becoming Trusted and Credible Through Blogging In 2005, I helped found BlueJersey.com, a progressive political blog covering New Jersey politics. Frankly, my family supported me but didn't really understand what I was doing or why I was blogging.  They...

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Taking Social Media From Talk To Action The Harvard Business Review is out with a report called "The New Conversation: Taking Social Media From Talk To Action" that is worth a read talking about the growth of social media usage among companies: The...

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JRS Clients

New Media/Messaging/Political Consulting

  • Upendra Chivukula for Congress (Consultant)
  • Moorestown Democrats (Consultant)
  • Burlington County Democratic Committee (Consultant)
  • Jay Coltre for Burlington County Sheriff (Consultant)
  • Mike Schmidt & Debbie Sarcone for Evesham Town Council, NJ 2005 (Consultant)
  • Jane Bidwell and Ron Beattie for NJ Assembly NJ-40, NJ 2005 (Consultant)
  • Janice Schindler and Thom Jackson for Assembly NJ-25, NJ 2005 (Consultant)
  • Bill Gluba for U.S. Congress, Iowa 2005 (Consultant)

New Media & Messaging Training

  • New Leaders Council New Jersey
  • New Leaders Council Philadelphia
  • New Jersey Democratic State Committee
  • Monmouth County Democrats
  • Camden County Democrats
  • Hunterdon/Warren County Democrats
  • Flaster/Greenberg Law Firm
  • Moorestown Democrats

Web Design

  • Marie Corfield for Assembly
  • DeCosmo Law
  • AndreDaniels.com
  • Englewood Cliffs Democrats
  • State Senator John Adler
  • The Gallowglass Group
  • New Jersey Young Democrats
  • South Jersey Young Democrats
  • Beattie and Bidwell for New Jersey Assembly
  • Evesham Democratic Committee
  • Janice Schindler for NJ Assembly
  • Rich Sexton for U.S. Congress
  • District25.com
  • Commercial Recovery International (CRI Collections)
  • Evesham Councilman Mike Schmidt
  • New Jersey Government Affairs Association
  • Senator Fred Madden, Assemblymen Dave Mayer & Paul Moriarty Legislative Website
  • Riley & Greatrex for Mt. Laurel Town Council
  • Long, Marmero & Mayer Law Firm
  • CAI Associates National Fundraising and Political Consulting
  • Gloucester Township Democratic Committee
  • Burlington County Democratic Committee
  • Mount Laurel Democratic Club
  • Cherry Hill Democratic Committee
  • My Own Study Buddy
  • Highland Park Democrats.com
  • Dana Redd for State Senate
  • Pride, Progress, Leadership.com
  • DistrictFourDems.com, the campaign website of Fred Madden, Paul Moriarty & Sandi Love
  • Down the Rabbit Hole Gift Shoppe
  • Save the Garment Center
  • Cranky’s Handbags

Political Management

  • Rosemary Schwartz for State Represntative, Iowa 2002 (Manager)
  • Howard Dean for America, Iowa Caucuses 2003 (Field Manager)
  • Bill Gluba for U.S. Congress 2004 (Manager)
  • Martin, Frattali & Timmons for Washington Township Council 2006 (Manager)

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