36% of top 25 business schools don't have a single social media class

An interesting story in Forbestakes a look at the top 25 business schools and how they are embracing, or failing to embrace social media in their course offerings:

According to ComScore, social media now reaches over 82% of the worlds online population.  Nearly 1 out of every  5 minutes spent online is used to engage on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn – along with other social media activities. Approximately 33% of US mobile users access social media on mobile devices. And a century of video is uploaded to YouTube every 10 days. Yet 36% of the top 25 business schools do not have a single social media or social business focused class. And most of the rest have only cursory coverage.

Only one of those schools even had social media as a required course, the rest have it as an elective in their marketing programs. You can see a good INFOGRAPHIC on which schools are buying in: