JRS Past And Present Clients (Partial)


New Media/Messaging/Communications Consulting

jrsbullet.png  Anne Koons - Realtor 
jrsbullet.png  Donald Norcross For Congress
jrsbullet.png  Vineland Construction Company 
jrsbullet.png  New Leaders Council New Jersey
jrsbullet.png  DeCosmo Law
jrsbullet.png  New Jersey Democratic Legislative Majority (NJDLM) (2013)
jrsbullet.png  NJ Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC)
jrsbullet.png  NJ Senate Democratic Majority (SDM) 
jrsbullet.png  Assemblyman John Wisniewski
jrsbullet.png  Jane Bidwell for Senate NJ-39
jrsbullet.png  Jay and Maureen Coltre - Realtors
jrsbullet.png  Upendra Chivukula for Congress NJ-7 
jrsbullet.png  John Hernandez for Congress CA-21 
jrsbullet.png  Marie Corfield for Assembly LD-16 
jrsbullet.png  Belgard and Schwartz for Burlington County Freeholder 
jrsbullet.png  Hines, Newcomer and Sattinger for Moorestown Council 
jrsbullet.png  Moorestown Democrats 
jrsbullet.png  New Jersey Democratic State Committee 
jrsbullet.png  Burlington County Democratic Committee 
jrsbullet.png  Jay Coltre for Burlington County Sheriff 
jrsbullet.png  Aimee Belgard for Burlington County Freeholder (2010)
jrsbullet.png  Schmidt, Orenstein and Santomero for Evesham Council (2010)
jrsbullet.png  Mike Schmidt & Debbie Sarcone for Evesham Town Council, NJ (2005) 
jrsbullet.png  Jane Bidwell and Ron Beattie for NJ Assembly NJ-40, NJ (2005) 
jrsbullet.png  Janice Schindler and Thom Jackson for Assembly NJ-25, NJ (2005) 
jrsbullet.png  Bill Gluba for U.S. Congress, IA-1 (2005) 

New Media & Messaging Training

jrsbullet.png  American University Campaign Management Institute
jrsbullet.png  Women Lead Training At Seton Hall University
jrsbullet.png  University of Pennsylvania Fels Institute of Government
jrsbullet.png  Samost Jewish Family Children Services Southern New Jersey
jrsbullet.png  Brick City Development Corporation
jrsbullet.png  New Leaders Council New Jersey
jrsbullet.png  New Leaders Council Philadelphia
jrsbullet.png  New Jersey Democratic State Committee
jrsbullet.png  Monmouth County Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Ocean County Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Middlesex County Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Camden County Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Hunterdon/Warren County Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Flaster/Greenberg Law Firm
jrsbullet.png  Moorestown Democrats

Web Design & Site Management

jrsbullet.png  Donald Norcross For Congress
jrsbullet.png  Raj Kitappa For Congress (PA-16)
jrsbullet.png  Brian Gralnick for PA Senate District 4
jrsbullet.png  Anne Koons - Realtor
jrsbullet.png  NJ LD3 - Sweeney, Burzichelli and Riley
jrsbullet.png  Jack Wagner For Pittsburgh Mayor
jrsbullet.png  The Monmouth County Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Bordentown Township
jrsbullet.png  Vote Team Mayer For Gloucester Township
jrsbullet.png  Marie Corfield for Assembly
jrsbullet.png  DeCosmo Law
jrsbullet.png  AndreDaniels.com
jrsbullet.png  Englewood Cliffs Democrats
jrsbullet.png  State Senator John Adler
jrsbullet.png  The Gallowglass Group
jrsbullet.png  New Jersey Young Democrats
jrsbullet.png  South Jersey Young Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Beattie and Bidwell for New Jersey Assembly
jrsbullet.png  Evesham Democratic Committee
jrsbullet.png  Janice Schindler for NJ Assembly
jrsbullet.png  Rich Sexton for U.S. Congress
jrsbullet.png  District25.com
jrsbullet.png  Commercial Recovery International (CRI Collections)
jrsbullet.png  Evesham Councilman Mike Schmidt
jrsbullet.png  New Jersey Government Affairs Association
jrsbullet.png  Senator Fred Madden, Assemblymen Dave Mayer & Paul Moriarty Legislative Website
jrsbullet.png  Riley & Greatrex for Mt. Laurel Town Council
jrsbullet.png  Long, Marmero & Mayer Law Firm
jrsbullet.png  CAI Associates National Fundraising and Political Consulting
jrsbullet.png  Gloucester Township Democratic Committee
jrsbullet.png  Burlington County Democratic Committee
jrsbullet.png  Mount Laurel Democratic Club
jrsbullet.png  Cherry Hill Democratic Committee
jrsbullet.png  My Own Study Buddy
jrsbullet.png  Highland Park Democrats
jrsbullet.png  Dana Redd for State Senate
jrsbullet.png  Pride, Progress, Leadership.com
jrsbullet.png  DistrictFourDems.com, the campaign website of Fred Madden, Paul Moriarty & Sandi Love
jrsbullet.png  Down the Rabbit Hole Gift Shoppe
jrsbullet.png  Save the Garment Center
jrsbullet.png  Cranky's Handbags
jrsbullet.png  Headley Trace Community

Political Campaign Management

jrsbullet.png  Rosemary Schwartz for State Representative, Iowa 2002 (Manager)
jrsbullet.png  Howard Dean for America, Iowa Caucuses 2003 (Field Manager)
jrsbullet.png  Bill Gluba for U.S. Congress 2004 (Manager)
jrsbullet.png  Martin, Frattali & Timmons for Washington Township Council 2006 (Manager