#MyPlayoffsMoment Campaign is An Example Of Great Digital Engagement By the @NHL

I'm a hockey fan, have been going back to my days when i played in the street outside my parents house.  And I particularly enjoy NHL Playoff hockey as the sudden death nature of the games keeps viewers and fans on the edge of their seats.  

But this year on top of all that, there is an ever increasing digital component to the NHL Playoffs. I'm really enjoying the NHL giving me a look at the fan reaction for their teams with the #MyPlayoffsMoment campaign.  The idea behind the campaign is that fans can tweet, post and share their photos and videos and then the NHL mashes them up to show the true emotion of the fan experience.  

Here's the video of Chicago Blackhawks fans and Calgary Flames fans as their teams clinched their series: 


And here's video of NY Islanders fans as their team stayed alive in their series against the Washington Capitals.


This campaign is a great example of engaging your followers around your brand and encouraging them to interact with your brand.  The interaction provides the brand original content for further distribution on their own platforms to them.  The raw emotion the fans show in the videos taps into the psychology behind marketing to tell the full story, past just the play on the ice and into the roller coaster ride that fans simultaneously experience.

Nice job by the NHL continuing to not only engage on digital, but then repackage that content for their own marketing purposes. You can see the Twitter hashtag results here and the Facebook hashtag results here.