It's not just about consuming, it's about sharing

Brian Solis sat down with for a wide ranging interview on the state of social media in 2012.  It's a half hour video, but worth a watch.  I enjoyed this take among the other things he spoke about:

 "We live in an era where people can skip ads, whether it's on television, whether it's online.  If you look at any heat map study on where eyeballs are focused on the sreen, it's never on the advertising, it's always on the content.  So what if you made the ad worthy of engagement.  What if you made the advertisement something that was so compelling, something that was so fascinating that it not only sucked you in but made you share it.  That's what the future of this is all about.  It's not just about consuming, it's about sharing.  And we live in a world where sharing is actually taken for granted. We have the ability to share content, and we don't appreciate the ability to actually package these things and share them in ways that improve our dialogue." 

 You can see the full interview below: