The Digital Marketing Trifecta

I talk regularly with clients about the importance of an integrated communications strategy across all platforms, new and traditional to ensure your audience sees a consistent message wherever they look.  

Over at B2Community, they take a look at the digital marketing trifecta in terms of an integrated strategy and what is included. They make sure to include the breakdown of paid, owned and earned media and begin to look at where they intersect for to realize the best possible results for your digital efforts.

When we talk about owned media, they are looking at your web properties including blog, website, mobile and social channels. Earned media refers to the more organic sharing, commenting, liking and crediting of your social content. And paid media incorporates digital advertising efforts to complete the trifecta.

See the image below:DigitalMarketing.png

The B2Community article sums your digital efforts up this way:

Whether the channel is e-mail marketing, paid advertising, or search engine optimization; they all have their place under the digital marketing umbrella. When it comes to applying these channels to a business or service, they all have one goal. Increasing return on investment.

The question then becomes, are your digital efforts increasing your return on your investments? If not, maybe part of the problem has to do with your integration of the 3 pieces making up the trifecta.