How the @SFGiants Hit A #SocialMedia Home Run

Brian Solis has a great interview with Bryan Srabrian, the San Francisco Giant's first Director of Social Media :

It wasn't too long ago when sport industries were confounded by the openness of social media and the ability for fans and players to share experiences in real time. Of course times have changed and teams in every sporting league imaginable are experimenting with social media to improve relationships and experiences with fans. The San Francisco Giants are among the sports teams that are leading the way for a new genre of engagement and community building.

You can see the interview and discussion about how the Giants have continued to learn how to best market on the numerous platforms out there to help find a voice and have additional conversations with their fans.

Srabrian notes that sports are inherently social and the perfect testing ground for new social media initiatives.  It will be interested to see how professional sports teams attempt to further engage with their fans, supporters and sponsors given the many new touch points for potential communications.