If You Spent That $4.5 Million On #Social Media Instead Of A Super Bowl Ad

As we approach the big game this Sunday, it is often said that the brand bowl is as big if not bigger than the Super Bowl game itself.  Adweek has a story looking at what companies could get in social media for the 4.5 million they will be spending on their 30 second spot during the game: "With [a $4.5 million] budget, you can run a YouTube masthead, Snapchat sponsored story, sponsored Instagram ad, promoted Twitter trend and a Yahoo homepage takeover and still have money to spare," said Adam Shlachter, chief investment officer at DigitasLBi, told AdWeek. By the numbers, $4.5 million will buy 10 days of premium advertising on Twitter, four days on Facebook, five "masthead" ads on YouTube, and six-days worth of Snapchat's high-priced disappearing ads.  Continue reading

SOTU QOTD: The Changing Media Landscape

President Obama will deliver his State of The Union speech tonight and the NY Times has a piece out looking at how the White House is looking to widen the audience using social media and digital tools.  In that story, they have this quote from Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor to the President “To not have an aggressive social media strategy in 2015 would be the equivalent of not having an aggressive TV strategy in the 1950s,”    Continue reading

10 Tips Before Your Campaign Or Organization Hits Send On That Next Email

A few notes for those campaigns and organizations clogging up ‪#‎Email‬ Inboxes with end of the month solicitations (You Know Who You Are) 1.) Stop apologizing to me, clearly you’re not sorry because you keep emailing. 2.) Stop reminding me you keep emailing, I already saw the other 20 emails you sent without your reminder. 3.) Stop failing to include an unsubscribe button. At least give me the chance of not being overridden with your constant barrage of spam. 4.) Stop spamming me, making a fundraising ask is fine but sending the same email in the same format with the same content is not.   Continue reading

20 LinkedIn Mistakes To Avoid (Infographic)

Jeff Bullas has a great blog post up with this infographic looking at LinkedIn Etiquette. While Linkedin can certainly be a powerful marketing and networking tool, it can also give people a view that is not as flattering as you may prfer.   In this Infographic, they offer twenty mistakes to avoid:   Continue reading

Video Looks At 10 Digital Trends For 2014

Check out this video infographic from 24MotionDesign looks at 10 digital trends for 2014.